Wakaresaseya and Fukuenya Ginza Ladis1

共通フリーダイヤル 携帯からも通信可 0120-220-783


Frequently asked questions and answers are as follows:

Question How do I apply to consult?
Answer We would like you to make an appointment in advance if you wish to visit our office for consultation.
You can contact us by phone or email:
0120-220-783(Tel Free)
03-3546-3880(From mobile)
Question Do I have an estimation of the fee? How do I make the payment?
Answer The fees of our operations vary according to the issue you want to accomplish.
Initial consultation will give you clues how much the expense will be.
Also we would like you to pay the total amount of expense in advance.
Question Will the operation work, with 100% of successful rate? Is any kind of request accepted?
Answer We say we will approach your request with the utmost effort.
And we do not accept expectations that are illegal, too much evil, or lies.
Question Do I necessarily make a contract when I visit your office?
Answer You do not have to.
We sincerely want you to make a contract with us only when you agree with the cost, operation period, tactics, etc that we propose.
If you do not agree, or you need time to consider, you do not have to sign right away.
Question Is my privacy secured?
Answer Absolutely.
Our office has 24hour-security system and our staffs pay much attention to the way of dealing with individual information.