Wakaresaseya and Fukuenya Ginza Ladis1



When you determine to hire a detective, which one do you decide on?
You punch the word “private detective” on your laptop and then you will find a flow of information related to the keyword.
Here we provide you with a checklist that will be a help in choosing a PI company.

*Does the company really have an office on the location specified in its website or advertisement?

…Some detective companies actually don’t have their office.
We recommend you to GO and SEE the office prior to contacting the company.

*Doesn’t the company have far too many branches nationwide or worldwide?

…It may be an exaggerated advertisement.

*Does the company have sufficient staffers?

…To carry out investigation/operations smoothly and correctly,abundant staffs are indispensable.

*Does the company propose too inexpensive fee?

…Clients naturally choose the one that offers lower cost, but the possibilities are that the company later charges an amazing amount of extra fees.

Please check these points above and decide on a good PI company!