Wakaresaseya and Fukuenya Ginza Ladis1


What we do

Ginza Ladies1 provides you with investigation as well as special operations and divorce consultation within the budget.


Our abundant data base resources enable us to meet your requests---past criminal history, education,marriages, and more.


Well-trained and experienced detectives will conduct efforts to accomplish correct surveillance.
We collect evidences needed or obtain detailed information of specific person you want to know.


Over 400 registered secret agents are ready to break your husband/mate off the mistresses.
If you seek help to get rid of the fickleness of your partner, especially when you want to avoid accusing the cheater, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We secretly settle the problem.


If you are taken over the previous glory days with your past partner, our couple-restoring operation might offer a chance to get those days back..
Secret agents work to produce opportunities for you to meet your love again.


When considering divorce, you might first think of consulting an attorney. Why not contact us before going to a lawyer? We may be able to give you tips on an advantageous divorce, by collecting necessary evidences.

For further information, email us:info@ginza-ladis1.com